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How to cast a fishing line

I’m listening to a song about fish – it’s very catchy.


Ahhhh…. Sitting out by the water, listening to the wildlife, and just watching the scenery. There is not much more relaxing than that. Pure serenity. No worrying about bills, your job, what’s going on with your significant other, kids, just bliss. You reel in the line on your fishing pole and cast again. SPLASH! Your line ends up about 10 feet in front of you and not exactly on the direction you had intended for it to go in the first place. “Well, so much for serenity”, you think as you reel you line back in, getting ready to re-cast, now irritated with yourself.

Let’s go over the basics of casting a fishing line to help avoid such tragedies in the future. There are a few advanced techniques to use when casting such as pitching, flipping, and skipping, but we are going to stick to the most basic of casts here: the overhead cast using a standard bait caster rod and reel.

Begin with your line extended several inches between your bobber (if equipped) and the tip of your pole. If you are not using a bobber, then make sure you have about 1 to 2 feet of line between your hook and the tip of your pole.

the thumb button on the reel releases the line

Choose the spot you wish to cast to and keep your eyes locked on the target. Press and hold the thumb button on the reel. Don’t let go until you are ready to cast (once you let go, the reel mechanism releases and line begins the feed out from the reel). Position the rod directly back behind your head at about 45 degrees.

position the rod behind your head at about 45 degrees

While still holding the button, begin moving the rod forward over your head in a fluid motion. Release the thumb button then the rod is directly overhead. Follow through the cast with the rod. (be sure you have a good grip on the handle… don’t ask me how I know)

follow through after letting go of the thumb button

With some practice and a touch of luck, your line went right where you were aiming for didn’t it? (mine didn’t either, but it got close enough)

making the perfect cast takes practice

Be sure to give your reel a few cranks to lock the reel and to bring in any slack. If you forget this step, even the perfect cast to the perfect spot with be for naught.

Happy Fishing!

3 thoughts on “How to cast a fishing line

  1. WOW – You catched one – it’s a small lake – I think 10 years ago I went to rivers side for fishing consisitently for one month with my freind and we only caught one fish, and it was on the first day.

    it means 29 days we come home empty handed – LOL and then we through away the tools to river.

    Your blog is really interesting and real – and you know the real meaning of blogging and you are the only person who use the blogging idea for what it’s created.

    So I appreciate and respect – and will stay tune for more real time stories like this one. let me follow and be your fan.



    1. Yes, it is a small lake, but it is on our property, so it is a private one. 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement writing. I haven’t done any over the winter as there just didn’t seem to be much worth writing about and it didn’t seem like anyone was reading it anyway. I will hopefully get some new content up soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Small and beautiful – You are welcome – Yes sure you have good writing skill and know about many things.

        And don’t worry about the readers – I will tell you what it takes to pull people to your bog.

        for now increase your tags – Select only one category and 14 popular tags before publishing.

        Also, I will tell you about the keywords research to pull more real time visitors –

        All you have to not give up andkeep on your blogging journey.



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