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Checking the oil in a 1964 Ford 2000 tractor

Where does oil come from?

A Slick-a-saurus Rex


Here is an often overlooked skill that should be preformed on vehicles of every kind. I check the oil in our car, our truck, our UTV, our mower, etc. Running low or even (gasp) out of oil is VERY bad for an engine. It can cause damage or even destruction of the engine.

For Father’s Day, my daughter and I decided to go work on our old tractor one last time to see if we could get it to start before we called a mechanic. I will write another post about that, but while we were working on it, my daughter asked me how to check the oil. This is a skill everyone should know, so here is how to check the oil on a 1964 Ford 2000 tractor.

Oil dipstick handle on a 1964 Ford 2000 Tractor

On the right side of the engine block, you will find the oil dipstick. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a paper towel or shop rag. Replace the dipstick and remove it again. Note where the level of the oil covers the dipstick to.

Dipstick on a 1964 Ford 2000 Tractor

The oil level should be between the Add or Low mark and the Full mark. If it is low, then be sure to add some oil to the oil fill. If it is over full, then you will need to drain some by loosening the oil drain and letting some out.

Dipstick on a 1964 Ford 2000 Tractor

Be sure to check the color and consistency of the oil as well. The is the best way to tell when you need an oil change. If it is dirty (black), then it is time to change it. If there is any white in it (water) you have other issues to check out with your engine such as a blown gasket.

Always remember to check your oil. It takes only a few seconds and can save you a major repair bill in the future if you catch an issue quickly.

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